Removing iron from well point water

Removing iron from well point water the easy way.

Iron is not unusual to find in well point water.
Even though the well point are not that deep.
You can still find iron in the well point water.
There is a few ways to get rid of the iron is the well point water.

Removing iron from well point water Advice.

We will assist and help you to get rid of the iron.
All you have to do is to send us an email to
You can even phone me at 082 269 0210

Help to remove iron from well point water.

We at Well point water would help you with the removal of iron from the well point water.

Iron indicators in water.

The first element that we find in the water as an indicator is the pH that is most of the time on the low side.
Any pH lower than 6.5 can be a indicator that iron or manganese could be present.
The normal iron and manganese test.
Take a water sample  from the source.
Put it open in a well ventilated place.
Take photos of sample against white background.
Take another photo 24 hours later.
Does the water changed colour?
Does it have a brownish colour?

Advice on removing iron from water.

There is cheap processes that is not effective.
There is the correct way to remove iron that cost more but it is effective.
Talk to us.


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