What is the estimated cost of drilling a well point?

Well point drilling cost.

We were surprise about the prices some of the contractors ask people to make a well point. The estimated well point drilling cost that you can work on in the Cape Town region. The contractors play on the emotions of the citizens in the Cape region with this drought cloud that hangs over their head.  Contractors that drill well points are out to make as much as they can. The asking price for a well point range from a few hundred rand to thousands. That is ridiculous. People pay nearly any price for a well point and then you don’t even know if you would get water.  They never think about the quality of the water that they would get. Would the water be suitable for human consumption or not.

Cost of well point making in the cape region.

The estimated cost of well point drilling in the Cape region must not be more than R 4 500 per well point.. That includes the pipe that goes in the well point. Don’t let any contractor inform you that the price is higher than R 4 500 per well point. If you want a contractor to provide you with a well point.  Contact the number on this website or even send us an email.

Water usage during the making of a well point.

The other day we visit a person when drive pass the house, we notice that there was mud and water spillage down the road. We decided to talk to the person and he informed us that the contractor that drilled his well point used about three quarters of his swimming pools water. The problem is that they did not even find water. He must now fill up the swimming pool with what water?

Amount of water for drilling the well point.

We estimated nothing more than 300 liters. That is all that you can provide them with! Yes they can drill a well point with that amount of water. Don’t let any contractor inform you that they need more water. If the contractor uses more water then they are wasting your water. The contractor can then bring their own water to drill the well point. Yes that’s correct. 300 liters of water would be enough to drill a well point of about 10 meters deep.

Drill a well point.

A contractor can drill a well point with as little as 300 liters of water.
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