Water Testing Laboratories

Is there any Water Testing Laboratories near me?

If you are looking for Water Testing Laboratories near you. You can visit www.boreholewater.com . You will find a water testing laboratory near you.

Getting a water testing form.

You can click on the photo on the right hand with the book in.  We suggest that you download the “borehole water testing form” that is on the website boreholewater.com. You will notice on the menu at the top left that there is a page called “Borehole water testing form”. Open the page and on the right hand side there is a photo with a book in with the wording, “Borehole water testing form”. Open this photo and a Pdf file will open. You download this page. Print it and fill it in. please mark all the elements to be tested. It is important that all elements been tested.  You take 1, 5 liter water that have run for a while. Courier the water sample bottle and the form to Water Lab in Pretoria.

Assist with water test results.

We will assist you with the water test results. We know that it could sometimes be confusing if you see all this results and do not know for what it represents or what the maximum must be.


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Water Testing Laboratories
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