Water Shop Client

  • Water Shop Client buy the water from water shops believing the water is of high quality.
  • Yes the water is of a better quality than the tap water.
  • The question that I have is why do you buy water?
  • Why don’t you get your own reverse osmosis system installed?
  • Then you have purified water whenever you need it.
  • You believe the water is clean and they show it with the TDS meter.
  • That meter say nothing, it just show you that there is a certain amount of dissolved salts in the water present.
  • A water shop shows me that there water TDS is 4 but I have found the bacteria that cause diarrhea.
  • Yes the bacteria that cause diarrhea.
  • But their water TDS is 4.
  • If you get diarrhea and buy water from a water shop, know that it is from the water that you bought.

The filters that most of them use is filters that I would not use when somebody even give it to me for free. I will throw it in the dustbin. That is a better use for that filters.

Health of the Water shop client.Water Shop Client

  •  I’m a water shop client for two years.
  • I’m a concerned family person.
  • The health and well-being of my family is my priority.
  • I want the best for my family and health is one of the priorities that are not negotiable.
  • When it involves my family only the best is required.
  • I know that everything in South Africa is going backwards.
  • I believe the quality of the tap water that we get is not as it is supposed to be.
  • That is why I buy purified water from our local water shop.
  • They told me that there water is Reverse osmosis water.
  • That is why I buy from them.
  • Can there be any live organisms in their water that they sell?
  • Yes there can be.


Is the Water shop client satisfied with the water from the water shop?

  • Yes they are and sometimes they are not for they find something that was not correct.
  • That is when the clients of the water shop contact me.
  • They asked me to investigate and look to the quality of the water that they sell.
  • When the client complain about the water that they buy.
  • I take it seriously and go buy myself an 18 litre bottle of water for testing.
  • Most of the time I found some stuff that is not supposed to be in the water.

Water shop and you expectations:

Water Shop Client

Domestic reverse osmosis TDS

  • You bought water from the water shop for a while.
  • Did you ever ask them for the latest lab report?
  • Where the water samples been tested and when?
  • They told you that they test the TDS of the water.
  • They will tell you that their TDS reading is under 10 for the last three years. Means totally, nothing.
  • The front of the shop looks nice but what about the back where you cannot see.
  • When last was there system been serviced.
  • What guideline do they follow to ensure that their water is of the highest standard?
  • They have no proof of any lab reports or any standard that they comply to.
  • They have let you down without you knowing it.


They could show no water test report.
  •  Yes they could not because they are too busy making money selling water.
  • They do not have the time to test the water.
  • By not testing the water at an accredited laboratory they neglect you, there client.
  • It is not just you but what about the child that drinks that water you bought from them.
  • You have to de-worm the family.
  • You don’t know what is present in the water that you buy.


What is the solution to this water issue?

  •  Stop buying water and enrich someone who does not care about your health.
  • Get your own Reverse osmosis system that complies with the ID-WATSS standards.
  • Our reverse osmosis system comes with a three years warranty.
  • The filters excluded.

Water Shop water Quality.

You would never know what the water quality is. They can show you with the TDS tester. Ask for a Lab Report. Get your own reverse osmosis system.

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