Pretoria North West Water Shop

 Pretoria North West Water Shop

Pretoria North West Water Shop where we have found parasites in the water that’s been sold.

This water sample is from the Pretoria North West water shop region. The water that is been sold  is so called purified water. Because the water shops sells the water you believe that the water is purified. I have news for you. You can rather use tap water. That is one and the same. I have taken some samples from shop water and even dispensers from business.

At what Pretoria North West Water Shop was this sample been taken?

I took the water sample from the systems last filter housing. The filter that was inside the housing was an activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter that’s been used will never prevent these roundworms and other organisms from going through. The activated carbon filter is to remove chlorine from the water. The fact that this parasite is in this section show me that the system does not work at all. I will not drink nor buy a glass of water from them. I can drink tap water that is the same. Stop wasting your money on buying water from this water shops that rip you off.

What did you find in the shop water samples that you inspect?

The photos that you see on this page were taken from a shop that sells water in the Moot area. I will not name the shop. All that I want to do is to advice people from this water that’s been selling by some shops. They have filter systems. Even if they say that they use reverse osmosis systems. All the photos on the website are from the reverse osmosis systems membrane housing. If one part of the system does not work properly then it let parasites and roundworms through. The part is known for not working properly and must be checked on a regular basis.


Will my water be purified?

Yes the water that the system will provide you with will be the best that you can get. The system will give you up to 100 litres of purified water a day.  You will know that the water that you use is the best and not tap water that’s been sold as purified water.


Pretoria North West Water Shop

This is a Roundworm from the sold water.

Pretoria North West Water Shop

Nice live Roundworm also from the sold water.

Pretoria North West Water Shop

You can see a enlarged photo on



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