Water Purifying Systems

RO Water Purifying Systems

Water purifying systems that we supply in the Pretoria and Gauteng province.

  • Yes, we supply and install water purifying systems in Pretoria and Gauteng province.
  • What types of water systems do you supply?
  • We supply any type of water system depends on the water source and factors that we must work with.
  • Like brackish water, contaminated and even treated tap water.
  • Every water situation has its own problems that must be overcome and rectified.
  • We work according to the ID-WATSS standards that were laid down for optimal results.
  • We can only use ID-WATSS approved water treatment systems and products.
  • We are prohibited from selling any products or water purifying systems over the counter.
  • Water treatment system filters is ID-WATSS approved and can only be supplied to our clients if we service their water system.
  •  Bacteria, parasites, sludge and any other live organisms can’t go through our water filters.
  • Membrane is clean from any of the above items and this is the ideal situation we want the membrane to functioning in.
  • Water treatment systems then have the ability to work optimally due to ID-WATSS standards.

 Supply of RO Water Purifying Systems:

Water Purifying Systems

We Supply water purifying systems Pretoria region.

  • The best on the market and only the highest quality products will be supplied by us.
  • Water purifying systems are being tested to comply with standards.
  • Water purifying systems design and materials is been tested for quality, strength and durability.
  •  No low quality products will be found in our systems that we supplied or any product that we replace.
  • We have a three year warranty on our water treatment systems.
  • We know that we can give a three year warranty.
  • For the products that we supply and install is high quality products.
  •  The only product that we do not give a three year warranty is our Water filters and that is excluded from the warranty.
  • We give a year warranty on our water filters.
  • Ask any question regarding the supply, installation or workings of any water purifying.


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