Tummy Bug

The Tummy Bug.

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What is a Tummy Bug?

  •  Tummy Bug is a bacteria that you would find in the tap water that is contaminated with this small mango like bacteria.
  • This bacteria multiply to their millions in a short space of time.
  • The presence of blood is an activator for them to multiply.
  • You find them often in water storage tanks where a small animal or lizard have fall into the tank.
  • It died and start decomposes.
  • This is a sure place to find them.
  • The tummy bug is not a bacteria in the air.

How does a tummy bug look like?

 Tummy Bug

Tummy Bug Bacteria

  • The tummy bug bacteria is one of the bacteria that I found is more in water that have no or none chlorine in.
  • I have found this mango shaped bacteria in water with chlorine and without in.
  • The places where I have found the most is in water reservoir.
  • What happened is that the reservoir lid on top is open or there is open spaces where a bird, mice or any living thing can get in.
  • It fall in the water and die.
  • Then these bacteria multiply by the millions in a days’ time.
  • What triggers them to multiply is the presence of blood.

My experiment with this tummy bug.

  • While I photographed the bacteria that’s in the water samples.
  • I throw all the water samples in a big 5 liter bottle.
  • There were more than a thousand round worms in alone.
  • Not to talk about the rotifers and other organisms and bacteria.
  • On one of the samples under the microscope I saw about 3 of this mango shaped bacteria.
  • I throw them in the bottle with the other.
  • I decided to give them some food and what better food is there than blood for parasites.
  • I let two drops of my blood drip in the bottle.
  • Three days later I decide to look and see what is going on in the bottle.
  • What was my surprise when I just see thousands of this mango shaped bacteria.
  • There was not one, not even a trace of the worms or anything.
  • The doctors tell their patients that there is a tummy bug in the air.
  • It is the water not the air.
  • Next time if you have the tummy bug drink “cloves tincture, worm wood tincture and walnut tincture “and the bug is dead.

What was your impression of this tummy bug?

  • It appears if it is an aggressive bacteria.
  • They move fast and are difficult to photograph.
  • The first place I found thousands of this bacteria was in a smallholding in there reservoir.
  • That is why they destroy all the other parasites and bacteria.
  • If a person swallows the water that has this type of bacteria in.
  • Especially old and babies.
  • If this bacteria find blood it multiply and then it must be treated fast and effective or death is the next step.
  • Be on the lookout for the tummy bug symptoms and act quick.

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The Tummy Bug.

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