Tap Water Dangers

  •  What can the Tap Water Dangers be?Tap Water Dangers
  • People are under the impression that our tap water is safe for human consumption.
  • It is.
  • I do not say that the tap water is totally unsafe for humans.
  • What I want you our clients to think about is the effect that the treated sewerage water have on our health in the long run.
  • Please read the “Close “Tap Water Source” page.
  • It is under Reverse Osmosis System heading.

What are the Tap Water Dangers?

Tap Water Dangers

Roundworm in tap water found in Pretoria

The Tap Water Dangers in South Africa can be bad for your health for the following reasons:

  • Parasites in the treated tap water.
  • Bacteria that is present in the tap water.
  • Live organisms that we find in the tap water.
  • Live organisms that would be killed by chlorine but is still alive in the tap water.
  • Chemicals in the tap water.
  • Viruses in the tap water.
  • Harmful material and substances.

Do you have any proof to support the Tap Water Dangers?

  • Yes we have proof.
  • Just go to the photo section and have a look.
  • YouTube have six video clips to show you the live parasites that are present in the tap water.
  • If you don’t care about your health then drink tap water.
  • The problem is that most of the live organisms are free living that would not harm you.
  • There are parasites like some of the roundworms that are abundant in the tap water that break down your immune system.
  • When the immune system is weak then any disease can kill you.

What is the solution for the dangers of drinking tap water?

Tap Water Dangers

This parasite was found in Tap water

  • The best you can do is to get a reverse osmosis system that is approved by ID-WATSS.
  • The approved reverse osmosis systems are the best on the market.
  • The reverse osmosis systems were tested by ID-WATSS to ensure that you get the best quality product and no parasites that can harm you.
  • The reverse osmosis system is installed by technicians that’s been accredited by ID-WATSS.
  • The cheap reverse osmosis systems that you get are not effective.
  • The photos that you see on this website come from the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • That is after the three big water filters that they replace every year.
  • That is proof that the cheap reverse osmosis system that is not approved by ID-WATSS is not effective to prevent parasites from entering the purified water.

 Water Dangers.

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