•  Diarrhea is according the doctors a virus or bug in the air.Diarrhea
  • That is what they tell their clients.
  • Do you believe him?
  • Yes, he or she is a doctor they know.
  • Do they have any proof that it is actually a bug in the air?
  • No.
  • They do not have any proof.

The Diarrhea.

  • I have proof that it is a small bacteria that is present in the tap water that cause diarrhea.
  • Yes in the water and not in the air.

I have diarrhea, what cause diarrhea?


Worm found in tap water that can cause diarrhea

  • There are many causes that can cause diarrhea.
  • Let’s start with one.
  • When did you de-worm your family from any type of worms?
  • Why we have no animals and we are health conscious?
  • You will not get worms from animals alone but what about the water you drink?
  • Yes water is today the biggest contaminated source of worm infection that you can get.
  • If you look to the photo, YouTube or Flickr section you will see what I have found in tap water.
  • But I buy water from shops.
  • Please do not fool yourself to think that there water is clean.
  • They can say and show you that there water is been tested.
  • Look if they have tested for any type of worms (nematodes).
  • There are only a few accredited laboratories that test for parasites.
  • See water shop section on this website.

Bacteria that cause diarrhea.


bacteria that cause diarrhea found in Tap Water and Borehole Water

  • There is a bacteria that cause diarrhea that have the shape of a mango.
  • This bacteria is very aggressive and if there is any blood present they will multiply to millions in a few hours.
  • The doctor will tell you that there is a tummy bug in the air.
  • NO!
  • It is a bacteria in the tap water.
  • This bacteria is fatal if not treated especially the old weak and the babies.

This is the two causes that are reasonable for most diarrhea.

What is the solution to prevent any diarrhea in the future?

  • The best you can do is to get a reverse osmosis system that is approved by ID-WATSS.
  • The water quality will just getting worse.
  • That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink.
  • If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.


How can I treat diarrhea from water parasites?
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