•  Deworming is the one thing that is the most neglected when it comes to a healthy body.
  • You don’t have dogs or cats and there is no reason to think that you could be contaminated with parasites not to talk about Roundworms.
  • This is unthinkable.
  • Me having Roundworms.
  • No, never!
  • It is only the unhygienic people that get Roundworms and parasites.
  • Surprise, what about the tap water?
  • Where do you think does most of your tap water come from?
  • What does the city council do with the sewerage treated water?


Deworming of parasites from water.Deworming

  • The most important thing to do is to deworming you.
  • You do not know but you could be infected with Roundworms.
  • You don’t have animals and you live a clean healthy lifestyle.
  • Where in the world would I get worms and especially Roundworms from?

Why do you say I have parasites?

Is there parasites in the treated tap water?

  • That I would have this stuff in my body.
  • I’m healthy and there is nothing wrong with my immune system.
  • I take vitamins and exercise every week.
  • Yes I have a very active life.
Water is a Sources to contract parasites and roundworms.
  1. Tap water.
  2. Dogs and cats.
  3. Unhygienic public places.
  4. Any surface that’s been contaminated by the person before you.
  5. Food and vegetables that’s been contaminated.
  6. And lots more.

Tap water is a source of parasite contamination.


The importance of Deworming

  • Tap water is been treated by a big industrial company called Rand water board.
  • They do an excellent job.
  • They supply the water in bulk to the government.
  • The government distribute the water and sell it to the public at a price.
  • The government have another water source.
  • That is the return water from the public namely the sewerage water.
  • This water must be clean before it can be disposed into the environment.
  • They treated the sewerage water and dumped it in the clean water supply to safe millions every month.
  • Yes they do not dump the treated sewerage water into the rivers.
  • No they dumped it into our clean drinking water.
  • You get treated sewerage water to drink when you open that tap.
  • That is why the government created the “Blue Drop Status” to create an image at the public that the tap water is of high quality.
  • They do not want you to know about that brown drop of water that they have treated and added to the clean water.

Treated sewerage water that is added to our drinking water.

  • How do you think is responsible for the sewerage treatment plant?
  • Must be in the hands of a BEE Business.
  • Is the people trained to do the water treatment correct?
  • Who trained them?
  • Are the procedures for every stage of the process up to date and at hand?
  • Are the people on duty or on strike, suspended or on leave?
  • Is all the material on site ready to be used?
  • What is the service delivery standard of the treatment plant?
  • Micro Organisms that is Present in Tap Water as-well as Borehole Water.
  • Ways to Treat this Parasites and Problems.
  • Health Risk.

Parasites in photos is from sewerage treatment plants.

  • Yes you read the heading correct.
  • The roundworm comes from the faeces of humans and animals.
  • That means the eggs of the Roundworms and many other parasites are in the sewerage.
  • The treatment processes is to break down the faeces and clean the water with chemicals and natural processes.
  • They added chlorine into the water source that is supposed to kill the parasites, viruses and bacteria.
  • The question is why this stuff is still alive in the tap water.
  • If they are still alive what about all the other harmful products that were flushed down the toilet.
  • Still in the water.
  • If service delivery is of the kind that the people protest about.
  • What do you think is the service delivery status at the sewerage treatment plants?
  • Shortage of funds, material, manpower, infrastructure and much more.

Seriousness of the service delivery crisis especially the water.

  • You see for yourself.
  • The actions of the poor service delivery.
  • What is the water quality?
  • What is the real contamination status of our tap water?
  • Do not take the government’s word or advice.
  • They will tell you anything to safe their jobs.
  • Take action and invest in your health.
  • Get a correct water treatment system for your family.
  • Don’t play with your health.
  • If you do not take action the government will not look after you.
  • They are there just for themselves.