Chlorine Smell

  •  Chlorine Smell in the tap water give us the sense that now all the parasites and any other bacteria that could be present in the tap water is now been killed.Chlorine Smell
  • Yes, some is been killed.
  • What is the effect on you in the long run?
  • I have news for you!
  • If you have chlorine smell in your tap water please knows that the Roundworms in the water are still alive.
  • That, I can assure you.
  • I have found live and active Roundworms in tap water that had that chlorine smell.

There is a Chlorine smell in the tap water.

  • When we use the tap water, we could smell the chlorine in the tap water and the smell last for a few days.
  • I decide to take a tap water sample with chlorine smell, from my reverse osmosis systems big three filters.
  • This water sample was not taken from the membrane where we use to take.
  • Why I did not take a water samples from the membrane is that on a few occasions.
  • I took water samples and find nothing that is alive in it.
  • The reason is that I use just the best filters that have been ID-WATSS approved.

What is alive in the tap water with the chlorine smell?

  • The photos that you see on this page are what I have found in the water sample.
  • You must remember that if the tap water have a chlorine smell.
  • You can know that the chlorine in the tap water would be absorbed by the activated carbon filters in the  reverse osmosis system.
  • The water in the system behind the activated carbon filters have no chlorine in and if something is still alive, the membrane will prevent it from entering the water that flow to the tank.
  • It shows that Roundworms can still live in water with a chlorine smell.

The integrity of the water sample photo’s.

  • I take the samples and put it under the suburbs name from where the sample was taken.
  • I do not put the address on the website to protect our clients.
  • Every sample that you see here was taken from that suburb.
  • If I am not honest then my word will not stand in court.
  • This is a very serious subject for me.
  • I see it as working with people’s health.

Was there anything alive in the tap water sample?

  • Yes.
  • All the photo’s is live organisms and parasites.
  • If it was dead I would mentioned it.
  • If it is not mentioned under the photo that the item in the photo is dead you can assume the thing is alive.
  • Most of the water samples was taken from the last filter housing of the water filtration systems.
  • That means that the filters that was used is  not what it was suppose to do.
  • This filters we talk about is mostly the cheap imported filters that you can buy from any hardware shop.
  • Even the water shops do not have a clue what is the quality of their water filters.
  • They accept their suppliers word.
  • They then give you the misinformed information as the truth.

Chlorine Smell in water.

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The Photo’s:


Chlorine smell

This is parasites that we have found in Tap water.(1) Left hand top, This is the parasite that cause diarrhea . It can be deadly to small children and the old. (2) Right hand Top, Amoeba and below. (3) Left bottom, Active Roundworm.

Tap Water Sample with Chlorine smellTap Water Sample with Chlorine smell