Water Health Questions

  • Water Health Questions must be asked when it comes to the quality of our tap water that we drink every day.Water Health Questions
  • Is the tap water safe and clean?
  • Free from any chemicals and live organisms.
  • You will be shocked when you see what we found in the tap water of Pretoria.

Water Health Questions about contamination of water.

  • We at Tap Water SA feel it our duty to inform people who use any type of water for any purpose what so every to be on the save side.
  • Yes our water is polluted and contaminated with all sorts of parasites, bacteria, viruses and pesticides.
  • To think that borehole water or even tap water is safe to drink is to commit suicide.
  • The real danger is in water that we take for granted and think that we can do with it what we want and that it will be fine.
  • It is every persons responsibility to ensure that water been treated with respect for it is the beginning of live.
  • Without clean water we are doomed.

The Water Health Questions.

  • To treat water that is contaminated or polluted with pesticides or chemicals is not that easy to clean.
  • It is costly and quality products and filters must be used.
  • Borehole water is a surely contaminated with anything you can think off.
  • Yes even the drop toilets play an important part in the contamination of our ground water.
  • We have found roundworms in borehole water that is 600 meters away from a borehole and still the worms was in the water.


  • It is important to get a big water filtration system when borehole water is been used.
  • People think if they have a reverse osmosis system for the borehole water it would do the thing.
  • It is good to drink clean water.


  • What about the animals that must drink that contaminated water?
  • Don’t you think that the contamination have any effect on their health.
  • The animal’s drink that contaminated water and that is stored in their meat.
  • We slaughter the animals and eat the meat that is contaminated.
  • Not to talk about the loss that this contamination cost the farmers on medicine for the animals.
  • The parasites have a negative growth effect on the animal and that is a big loss on the side of the farmer.

I have some Water Health Questions about the tap water quality?



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