Water Dispensers


Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers

  • Water Dispensers is in nearly every shop or business that you walk into.
  • The question what type of water does they use in that dispenser?
  • I know a few businesses that use tap water in the dispensers for it is cheaper.
  • What they do not know is that the tap water has parasites in and the cold water does not affect the parasites.
  • We talk about the Roundworm that is present in tap water.

Is water dispensers water safe?

  • The device is a popular item these days in nearly every business you will see the water dispenser.
  • The people love it and make use of it.
  • Especially when it is a hot day.
  • That gives the impression that the business care about their clients.
  • If the business cares about the clients then that client will be loyal to that business.
  • That’s true.


What is the most prominent organism in the water dispenser?


What did you find in the water dispensers?

  • Businesses do not use purified water in their water dispensers.
  • They use tap water.
  • Yes you read correctly.
  • Tap water!
  • Why do they do that?
  • To cut on cost and the logistics.
  • Who is responsible for the water dispenser?
  • I have taken some water samples from water dispensers.
  • Some of them were quite cold where the water is just at the opening of the bottle.
  • There was even ice in some present.
  • I have found bacteria and roundworms in that area.
Are there any health risks when they use tap water in Water Dispensers?
  • Yes.
  • You must remember that sometimes that water stay on that dispenser for a while.
  • If the water dispenser is been switch of and that water start to get hot.
  • That is the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.
  • If you drink from that dispenser you will not know it’s from the dispenser if you have a tummy bug.

What must I do when there is a water dispenser?Water Dispensers

  • Water dispensers is ideal for home and industrial use where People Work.
  • It’s Convenient but it is advised to use only reverse osmosis water in the dispenser.
  • Ask the people if the water is purified and when did they change the bottle.
  • Ask them how the business that replaces their water is.
  • If they can’t tell you straight away then be careful.
  • I must say there are some businesses that are serious about their client’s health when it comes at the gold water.
  • You can support those businesses.

The Water Dispensers.

  • Use reverse osmosis water in the system.
  • Never use tap water.