Water Contamination Alert

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Is the Water Contamination Alert a big problem?Water Contamination Alert

Yes. You must remember that once a deadly bacteria is in the water source it multiply and spreads to other areas. The underground water flow is complex and if one area is contaminated it will appear at a place kilometers from that pointy where it was identified.

How do you control a disease if it is underground in boreholes?

There is no way that they can rectify the problem. The underground water source is an important water source for the humans and even towns. There are towns that get all there water supply from boreholes.  The problem in South Africa is that the people in the government that is responsible for the implementation of the law do not take the responsibility serious. If there is a problem they make it off as a challenge. You can take a challenge or leave it to continue. A problem is something that must be rectify now!

Is there any water disease alerts in South Africa?

Yes. If you know what is in your tap water you will be chocked. The government test tap water for some bacteria that can kill you in a short period of time. Not for those that take years to kill you. The do not test for pesticides. Do you know the dangers of pesticides in tap water?

What can I do to protect my family from this water contamination?

Water Contamination Alert

Water Contamination Alert on sewerage spillage

The best advice is to get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system that removes nearly everything from the water. Yes. Nearly everything. The water is purified at an extend that electricity cannot flow in the water, that is how clean is it.

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My borehole water is contaminated.