Tap water safe

  • Is our Tap water safe for human consumption?
  • The water that is supplied from Rand water is of high quality but the problem arises when the city council pump sewerage treated water in the tap water supply.
  • That is where the problem is.
  • The sewerage treated water is not clean.
  • Why we make this statement is that in every water sample that we have taken had Roundworms in.
  • This is not right.
  • That is a sure indication that our tap water is contaminated with Roundworms and live organisms.
  • Some of the organisms like the Amoebas that we have found in the tap water is an indication that the tap water is not been treated with chlorine.

Is the tap water safe to drink?Tap water safe

  • Yes and no. yes the suppliers of tap water test the water quality for cryptosporidium and E.coli.
  • These bacteria can kill a person within a week to a few months.
  • The water is treated to prevent any deaths from this type of bacteria.
  • But what about the other living organisms that is still alive in the tap water.
  • Yes even after the water is been chlorinated.
  • Go to the Photo section, then Photo Index.
  • You will find the suburbs there of how I have water samples from coming from the reverse osmosis systems membrane housing.
  • The question is why is this stuff still in the tap water?

What can I expect,and is the tap water safe?

  • Roundworms first of all.
  • Then there are some other types of living organisms that I will not name.
  • Visit the HEALTH section and read about the stuff (photo’s) that you see on the website.
  • He water suppliers do not test for these live organisms or they just keep quite.
  • You think now by yourself to start buying water from the water shop near your house.
  • Please visit the water shop section.
  • More shocking news.

What is the solution to make the tap water safe?

  • The solution for this problem is to get ID-WATSS approved reverse osmosis systems.
  • Technicians approved by ID-WATSS will only use products and filters that will prevent these worms and live organisms from been in the water.
  • We use only the highest quality products and filters.
  • It is all about your health.
  • Is the Tap Water Safe to Drink for Human Consumption?
  • I Will Not Drink Tap Water for that is Looking For Trouble.
  • Only Drink Reverse Osmosis System Water.

Is the Tap water clean?


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