Water Bacteria


  •  Water Bacteria is been treated with chlorine and other chemicals in tap water.
  • That prevents the bacteria to still be alive when the tap water reaches the consumer.
  • The problem is that we have found numerous bacteria and parasites in the tap water that is still alive.
  • Yes, we have found Amoebas in some tap water samples.
  • Then Roundworms in every water sample that we took.

Do reverse osmosis system removes Bacteria from the water?Water Bacteria

  • Yes the reverse osmosis system removes bacteria Cryptosporidium, viruses and parasites from the tap water source.
  • The reverse osmosis system removes even chemicals and minerals from the water.
  • The water from a reverse osmosis system is pure clean mineral and any other product free water.
  • It removes any product from the water.
  • The water is so clean that it would not even conduct electricity.
  • That is how clean the water is.
  • People will now say that the water is dead because all the good stuff is been removed from the system.
  • Yes the good stuff but the bad stuff like bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemicals.
  • Stuff that over valued the good stuff by far.

Water Bacteria are harmful to humans:

  • To get rid of the bacteria is worth every cent that you pay for clean water.
  • People visit the doctor with diarrhea.
  • The doctor informed them that there is a bug or virus in the air that cause the diarrhea.
  • This is not true.
  • I will and can proof that.
  • It is not in the air.
  • The bacteria that cause the diarrhea are in the water.
  • Yes the water.
  • It is dangerous to children and old people.
  • What I have found are very small bacteria that have the shape of a mango.
  • These bacteria multiply in the millions if there is any blood present.
  • There can only be three in a water sample and if you drop a drop of blood in the water sample over a 12 hour period there will be millions of them

Reverse osmosis system and Water Bacteria:

  • If your reverse osmosis system is installed incorrectly then you will have bacteria in your system and sometimes in the purified water.
  • 30% of our new clients, who have a reverse osmosis system, have parasites in their tank that is after the three big filters and the membrane.
  • That means that the pre filters do not do the work.
  • Mostly it is low quality water filters.
  • The fact is it is the fly by night, service providers that do not have a clue how the water systems work.
  • If the RO system functioning 100% correct then there will be nothing in the tank.
  • Bacteria and Other Organisms is Been Found in Nearly All Our Tap Water Samples.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems is Very Effective to Prevent Bacteria from Water Source.
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