Roundworms In Me


  •  Roundworms in me that is not possible!Roundworms In Me
  • How can it be?
  • I’m serious about hygiene and do not like cats and dogs.
  • How is it possible that I got roundworms?


  • It is not that serious, but it must be treated.
  • Get deworming medicine or even from your health shop.
  • You would not believe it but the tap water is a sure place to get Roundworms from.
  • Yes the tap water.
  • But it is been treated!
  • Yes the water from Rand Water is of the highest quality.
  • The problem is on government level where they distribute the water.
  • Do you know that the water from the sewerage treatment plant is been added to your tap water supply.
  • Yes and what do you think is the standard at the sewerage treatment plants.
  • Who is in control?
  • The question is why is there Roundworms in every water sample that we take?

If I have roundworms in me.

Roundworms In Me


  • Why do I have these roundworms in my body?
  • Where did I get the roundworms from?
  • What is the damage that the roundworms in my body cause?
  • Do the roundworms affect my health?
  • Do the roundworms have an influence on my immune system?
  • Can roundworms kill me?
  • Where in my body do the roundworms manifest?


Places where roundworms can be found.

  • Dogs
  • Puppies that is not been dewormed
  • Cats.
  • Soil with faecal matter.
  • Contaminated drinking water.
  • Unclean surfaces contaminated with parasites.
  • Unhygienic toilets.
  • The tap water contaminated with roundworms even if it is been treated with chlorine.
  • Look to the photos on this website.

Is tap water a problem area with parasitic infection?

Roundworms in me

  • Tap water is to humans the biggest source of infection.
  • Sewerage treated water in tap water supply.
  • You swallow the tap water and that what is in the tap water will be in your body.
  • Roundworms will thrive in the small intestine.

What must I do to get rid of the parasites?

  • Pharmacist provides parasite medicine.
  • It is expensive.
  • Specie specific.
  • Herbs tincture like Wormwood, Walnut and cloves is wonderful.
  • Can use it for animals as well.
  • Reverse osmosis system is the best protection.

When last did you deworm your family and dogs?

  • Every three to four months.
  • Tap water is a source of roundworm infestation.
  • For a healthy lifestyle deworming is important.
  • In 30% of our new clients that have reverse osmosis system have roundworms in there purified water.
  • Roundworms take its time to do damage.
  • Google for effects of roundworms on the human body.

Any question that you may have regarding roundworms in the body. Ask and it will be answered.

How will I know if I have roundworms in me?

  • Roundworms in Me and the Effect it Have on My Health. Roundworms is the Most Common Parasite that we Found in the Tap Water.


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