Does Chlorine Kill Parasites

  •  Does chlorine kill parasites is a question that we quite often get on our websites requests.
  • The people who treated the tap water claim that the chlorine in fact kills bacteria and parasites.
  • We have a problem.
  • Why did we found Amoebas and other live organisms in the tap water of Pretoria.
  • Why is there Roundworms in every tap water sample that we take?
  • Let’s talk about the tap water of Brits.
  • Here we took 7 liters of water straight from the tap and found Roundworms in that water sample.
  • Makes you think.

Do chlorine kill parasites?

Does chlorine kill parasites

Does chlorine kill parasites

  • The answer is yes and no.
  • Chlorine will kill some parasites and bacteria.
  • Not all parasites and bacteria is been killed.
  • For instance the roundworm.
  • The chlorine does not kill the roundworm.
  • There is a few living organisms that is been found in the tap water samples.
  • Click on photo with the word “ or YouTube “in.
  • If we take a tap water sample from a suburb, we place it on the website.
  • The roundworms that you see on the website are from sewerage treatment plants.
  • Sewerage treatment plant water is been reused by municipalities in the tap water.


Can you proof it to me that chlorine kill parasites?

Does chlorine kill parasites

Does chlorine kill parasites

  •  I will proof it to you that chlorine does not kill all parasites..
  • Do you have a reverse osmosis system?
  • If yes I will show it to you.
  • Also that the water filters in your reverse osmosis system is low grade and not effective.
  • Every photo page represents a suburb where it was taken from.
  • Your tap water sample will be the same as this on the website.


Will our stomach acids kill the parasites?Does Chlorine Kill Parasites

  • No, That is their habitat.
  • Who say that?
  • Do they have proof?
  • What is the roundworms environment?
  • The small intestine and the rest of the body.
  • Do you really think the acids will kill the roundworms?
  • That intestine is the roundworms heaven.
  • The acids in the stomach are stronger than the chlorine.
  • You can even say that the chlorine in the tap water create the ideal environment for the roundworm to survive till it reach the small intestine.
I want to know more about if the chlorine kills parasites.


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