Chlorine Kills Parasites


  •  Statements that are made that, “Chlorine Kills Parasites” is not true.
  • We have found in every tap water sample that we took when we serviced reverse osmosis systems.
  • Yes we found live Roundworms and other organisms in the tap water samples.
  • Why are they still alive?
  • I once took a tap water sample when the chlorine smell was present in the tap water.
  • The Roundworms was alive and active even with the strong smell of chlorine present.
  • If you visit Garsfontein water you would see 11 live Roundworms in the photo and video clip.
  • The client where I was doing the reverse osmosis systems service found them under my microscope.
  • I did not found them, the client did.
  • The area of the photo is about 3 mm wide.
  • That is how small they are.

Do chlorine kills parasites?

chlorine kills parasites

This organism cause diarrhea and is found in the tap water.

  • No this is a fact that Roundworms ins not killed with chlorine.
  • Look to the photos and decide for yourself, it’s from tap water in Pretoria.
  • People including me believe it.
  • The media and role-players in the industry let us believe it.
  • It is a fact that chlorine does not kill all parasites.
  • Before I found the parasites in the tap water I told people that the chlorine kills all the parasites.
  • That is what is been said.
  • By believing the lie I became part of the wrong information media system.
  • Why do the industry don’t want you to know that the chlorine is not effective against some parasites.
  • It would cost them a fortune to treat the tap water effectively.
  • The keep quiet about the live roundworms in the tap water.
  • If they do not mentioned it they do not lie.
  • Just not mentioning it.


What do they test for in the tap water?Chlorine Kills Parasites

  • They test for bacteria and chemicals that can kill you within a short time frame.
  • Say from a week to a few months.
  • If the finger can point to them it will be tested.
  • The parasites that take time like two and more years to break down your immune system.
  • They do not care about those parasites.
  • How would you proof that you get it from the tap water.
  • They have proof that the tap water test shows no parasites.
  • The secret is where they took the tap water sample.
  • Even if there is parasites in the tap water sample bottle.
  • They would not get any parasites or worms in it.
  • Even if there is a hundred roundworms in the bottle.
  • How is it possible?
  • The roundworms move to the bottom of the bottle.
  • If you do not take the water sample at the bottom you will never get a roundworm.
  • End of story.
  • No roundworms or parasites.


Do you get parasites and roundworms in every tap water sample that you take?

Chlorine Kills Parasites

Statements like Chlorine Kills Parasites like Roundworms is not true.

  • The answer is, Yes.
  • I have master the water sample practice to get the worms and parasites I’m looking for.
  • The tap water can be clean and see through.
  • There will be parasites and worms in.
  • As long as they put sewerage treated water in the tap water the parasites will be there.
  • Them treated it by adding chlorine in tap water.

Chlorine do not Kill Parasites.


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