Reverse Osmosis system Amoeba

  • Reverse Osmosis system Amoeba will prevent amoebas from been present in your purified water.
  • The big question we have is why is this amoebas in our tap water when the water is been treated?
  • If the amoebas are present in the tap water then it is one of two options:

Option one:  The chlorine and treatment process have no effect on the Amoebas.

Option two: The tap water is not treated for if the chlorine in the water kills Amoebas why is it still alive?

Will the Reverse Osmosis system Amoeba product kill the amoeba?

RO system amoeba

This is a Amoeba that we have found in the Tap water in a suburb of Pretoria.

  • No, the reverse osmosis system will only prevent it from the amoebas to be in your purified reverse osmosis water.
  • The membrane of the reverse osmosis system is so fine that the amoebas will not be able to go through the membrane.
  • It will prevent bacteria’s to go through as well.

Is it possible that the amoebas can be in the reverse osmosis purified water?Reverse Osmosis system Amoeba

  • Yes. That is a big yes!
  • We found that at 30% of our new clients how have reverse osmosis systems already installed and serviced by other suppliers have roundworms in the reverse osmosis purified water.
  • How is it possible?
  • That is because they do not know there products and use low quality products that is cheap and that can be sell with a higher profit.

Explain how the amoebas get into the reverse osmosis purified water.

  • The reverse osmosis system is a very complicated device.
  • If you don’t know what the standards is that have set down or the correct installation and product specification is.
  • The following things are a sign that the parasites can be in your purified water.
  • Waste water that run down the drain for 24/7/365.
  • Inlet water pressure high to reverse osmosis system.
  • Filter housings that burst.
  • Water leaks from reverse osmosis system.
  • Low quality products and system.
  • Low quality filters.
  • Service people who do not know their products.

 What can I do to get this parasites out of my drinking water?

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RO system amoeba

A Amoeba that we found in the Wierda park tap water sample.