Amoebas In Tap Water


  • Amoebas in tap water raise a few questions.Amoebas In Tap Water
  • Like is the tap water really been treated?
  • Is the chlorine effective against Amoebas?
  • If the chlorine kills and destroys Amoebas then it is only one thing.
  • The tap water was not been treated with chlorine.
  • The chlorine is out of stock at the treatment plant and the person who used it only orders the chlorine when he used the last batch.
  • That is how they work.
  • If the last material is been used then they realized that the stuff is finished and then they want to order.
  • Proof me wrong!

Amoeba videos in filtered borehole water.

Are there Amoebas in the tap water?

  • Yes it is in the tap water and that is the reason why it is present in the reverse osmosis system.
  • I find them in the membrane housing after the three big filters.
  • The three filters that are before the membrane play an important role to prevent the roundworms, bacteria and amoebas to enter the membrane housing area.
  • Very little information is available about the presence of amoebas in the tap water.
  • The water purifying industry is more concern to sell their products and to use the fraudulent marketing methods to make the clients believe that the water is unhealthy.
  • The water quality is acceptable but there is some tests that’s not been done like the presence of parasites.

Do the bulk water suppliers test for Amoebas in tap water?

  • I don’t know what they test for in there laboratories.
  • What I know is that if you go to an independent laboratory to test your water sample they give you a form to tick what you want to be tested.
  • If you take a good look there is no tests for parasites like amoebas, roundworms and bacteria.
  • They test for cryptosporidium and E Coli.
  • If they tested for Nematodes they would have known that it is present in the tap water.

Can you proof it to me, that there are live organisms or Amoebas in the tap water?

  • Yes. I will do that for you with a smile.
  • It is important for me to tell the people about it.
  • The more people how know about it the better.
  • People is under the impression that there suburb have the blue drop award and that there water is of world class quality.
  • It would be a good idea if you make contact with me to show you.
  • Amoebas in Tap Water is a Health Risk.
  • Don’t Chlorine Kill and Destroy the Amoebas and Other Organisms.
  • Water Contamination is Questionable.

What must I do to protect my family?

Amoebas In Tap Water

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Amoebas in tap water

Amoebas in reverse osmosis systems


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