Amoeba RO Filter

Amoeba cannot go through a high quality RO Filter. The problem is that the service people who service the reverse osmosis systems do not know the difference between a high quality of no quality filter. They just get the cheapest filter they can get. That is to make as much profit as possible. The amoeba will definitely go through most of the RO filters that is on the market. Only the high quality filters will prevent them from going through.

Can amoebas go through the Amoeba RO filter?

Amoeba RO Filter

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There is up to three different filters before the membrane and then the membrane itself.  First the membrane: No. the amoeba cannot go through the reverse osmosis membrane. The three big filters: Yes it can go through the three big filters that are before the reverse osmosis membrane housing where the membrane is located. The amoebas that you see on this website were found in the membrane housing area. That is proof that the three big filters did not prevent the amoeba from entering the membrane housing. The amoeba is very small and change in shape all the time. To locate an amoeba can take up to an hour just to spot on. You can even look to one and not notice it. This is time consuming.

Why did the three big filters not stop the amoeba from entering the membrane housing area?

The people use activated carbon filters and sediment filters. The activated carbon filters is for chemicals like chlorine. The sediment filters is for solids, bacteria and parasites. What we have found is that in 98% of new clients reverse osmosis systems membrane housing area is contaminated with roundworms for a fact. Then all the other bacteria and living organisms. If you look to the photo, Flickr or YouTube you will see the living organisms that we have found in the membrane area. The reason for that are low quality products and filters. Service people do not know there filters and products. We work strictly according ID-WATSS standards.

Can amoebas or roundworms be in the reverse osmosis purified water?

Yes. We have found that 30% of our new clients that we get how have a reverse osmosis system already installed by other suppliers have roundworms in the reverse osmosis water. Why? Poor workmanship. They do not work according ID-WATSS standards or use the products that are approved by ID-WATSS. The service people buy cheap filters and products and sell it for a big profit. You can study this website you will be shocked what you find on it.

I want to ask you about the amoeba in the water filter. What must I do?

Amoeba RO Filter

Amoeba RO Filter show an Amoeba in the tap water.

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