Amoeba Filter

Amoeba filter is the bio ceramic filter that is made of ceramic but is not effective in the reverse osmosis systems for it is to fine and clog up within weeks. This filter is fine for gravity feed water purification. There is high quality filters on the market that would prevent Amoebas from going through.

We state that the Amoebas will not go through the reverse osmosis membrane that is true. The problem if only one part in your reverse osmosis system is damaged the Amoebas will definitely be in your purified reverse osmosis systems drinking water. That is a fact!

What is an amoeba filter?

Amoeba filter

Amoeba filter information.

There is no amoeba filter. There are filters that would prevent amoebas to go through. The filter is so in it blocks quite fast if you use it on the tap water. The bio ceramic filter is a good choice. When it ids blocked you take it out and wash it with water and soap. Let it dry and when it is dry you take fine sanding paper and take the outer layer off from the filter.  Then I advice you take water with a teaspoon of Dettol in and let the filter lay in the water for 5 minutes. Take it out and install the filter.

The Bio ceramic filter.

The bio ceramic filter is the best if you want to use it to filter water. Please do not use it in the reverse osmosis system. The reverse osmosis system has waste water.  That water flow down the drain after it went through the bio ceramic filter. The filter will block within two months.

The reverse osmosis system will prevent the amoebas to be in the purified water if the system works according the ID-WATSS standards. If you use the correct filters before the membrane you will have a membrane that can work to its optimal capacity.

Then there is the ultra-filtration filter. This filter will also prevent the amoebas to be present in the filtered water. This ultra-filtration filter is not expensive and it is very effective. I have tested this filter and am satisfied with its performance.

If you have a question about the amoeba filters just follow the instructions below.

Amoeba filter

Bio ceramic water filter

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