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  • The photos that you see here is some of the amoebas that we have found in the tap water samples from the Pretoria region.
  • It is not easy to find amoebas in tap water.
  • Sometimes it takes up to an hour to find one.
  • The reason for that is they constantly change shape.
  • You will look to one and wouldn’t even know it.


Don’t the chlorine in the water kill the amoebas?

  • It don’t seems like it is the case.
  • The council water is been treated with chlorine.
  • But why are they still alive? If you see the amount of parasites and live organisms that we find in the water.
  • You will be shocked.

What do we know about amoebas?Amoebas

  • There is information about the effects that amoebas have on humans.
  • The question is: do we know everything about amoebas?
  • I don’t think so.
  • Please click on the photos and it will open on website where they talk about amoebas.
  • We want to give all the credit to the websites and the information on the websites is there property.

Can a person die from amoebas?

  • Yes.
  • Read some of the articles that appear in the daily mail.
  • We have some links to that websites.


What will happen if the amoeba is in your liver?

  • It will cause liver cirrhosis.
  • Amoebas can kill a person.
  • It would take from a few weeks to years.
  • You must remember that the water suppliers test the water form cryptosporidium and e-coli.
  • It can kill you within a week to a month.
  • They test for that because that can be linked to the water.
  • With amoebas it takes years and how will you proof that you have got it from the water.

How do an amoeba absorb its food?Amoebas

  • It secretes enzymes that dissolves the food or sells.
  • The dissolved food is then absorbed by the amoeba.

Were there any reports about deaths from amoebas?

  • Yes.
  • In the USA was a few this seasons.
  • See the links.

Do you think there is still more to learn from the effect of amoebas in humans?

  • Yes.
  • Especially in South Africa.
  • We are the country that hosts the entire Africa.
  • Any person comes to South Africa without the necessary medical documentation.
  • They just come over the border into the land.
  • All the diseases that are in Africa are in South Africa.

Can amoebas survive in humans?


Click on photo to visit website about amoebas.

  • Yes.
  • What will stop them from investing the human, if they can survive the chlorine in the tap water.







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