Parasites Bacteria

Parasites Bacteria

Parasites Bacteria information

  • This section is where we discuss any parasites bacteria information that we find in the water.
  • We want to show you our client what we have found in the tap water.
  • You will see photos of it in the photos of the suburbs.
  • We will also provide you with links where you can get more information about this parasites.
  • We do not want to influence you to buy our reverse osmosis systems or any product.
  • You must make that decision yourself.
  • The reverse osmosis system is the best protection of Parasites Bacteria prevention.

Parasites Bacteria is the contamination of tap water?

  • Parasites, Bacteria is the contamination that is present in the tap water.
  • We are parents and have reverse osmosis systems.
  • We feel that this is the best that we can do is to inform other people about the dangers in the tap water.
  • If we keep quiet about this and a child die at the end of the day because it could be prevented.
  • We will be guilty to that soul.
  • If we tell and show people and they do nothing about it and believe the government then our hands are clean.
  • The responsibility is now on your hands.
  • We have done our share.

Parasites, Bacteria Information That was Found in the Tap Water for Suburbs in the Pretoria Region. This is a Health Risk. Water Treatment Questionable.

Water Parasites and Bacteria.


AmoebasParasites Bacteria

Water Parasites in tap water.

Can you tell me where this parasites comes from?

  • Yes.
  • All the photos that you see is live organisms that comes from the sewerage treatment plants.
  • The sewerage treatment plant is there habitat.

Water Bacteria.

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