Flat Tap Water

  • Flat Tap Water is one of the unsafe water source that you can get.
  • The reason n we make this statement is that most of the flats and high rise buildings have storage tanks on top to store water in.
  • The next problem that the high rise buildings have is water pressure to get the water at every floor.
  • That is why they pump the water up into the storage tanks.

Is the flat tap water safe to drink?Flat Tap Water

  • Flat tap water is water from the council that was treated.
  •  The same tap water that every household use.
  • There is only one big bacterial problem.
  •  You stay in a flat and them in a house that does not need a water reservoir to store their water in.
  • Flats that are more than four levels high have a reservoir on the roof.
  • Possibility is that they have reservoirs on top of the building.
  • To get back to the question, is tap water safe to drink?
  • Yes and No.
  •  Read all the flat questions.

We often get the tummy bug, is it the flat tap water?

Flat Tap Water

Flat Tap Water advice

  • Reason for tummy bugs is quite clear.
  • Doctor tells you that there is a tummy bug in the air.
  • Do you really believe him?
  •  Can he proof the statement?
  • No, it is a small mango shaped bacteria that is in the contaminated water.
  • If a small lizard or any living thing gets into the water reservoir.
  • This mango shaped bacteria multiply in the thousands within a day.
  • Presence of blood triggers them to multiply at that rate.
  • When swallowing contaminated water with the bacteria.
  •  The smallest amount of blood in your intestine activates them to multiply.
  • That is why you get cramps and diarrhea.

What is in the flat tap water?

Flat Tap Water

information of Flat tap water

  • All the photos that you see on this website can be in the flat tap water.
  • Most prominent one is the roundworm (Nematode).
  •  All the others are there depends what is the quality of the water source.

Why is this stuff in the flat tap water?

  • Tap water comes from the council through a pipeline.
  • Water is then stored in the reservoir.
  • Chlorine in the reservoir on top of the building evaporates.
  •  Water is then in a state where any bacteria or organism can multiply.
  •  Depends on food and temperature of the water.
  • Sun makes the water hot and that is a sure ideal environment to multiply.
  •  Put a dead mice or bird in the reservoir.
  •  You have the best condition for the multiplication of any type of bacteria and organisms.
  • Final food source is you.
  • The moment you swallow the water with the bacteria.

What about the water storage tanks?

Flat Tap Water

Flat Tap Water information

  • Flat Tap Water could have a health risk .
  • Due to the fact that some of the flats have water storage tanks.
  • That is a contamination place for bacteria and Parasites.
  • Sometimes the storage tanks lid open by the wind or people.
  • Birds come and drink water from the storage tank.
  • One fall inside and drown.
  • It starts to decompose and the bacteria multiply in the millions.
  • Causing diarrhea.
  • This is a health Risk.
  • It is advised to get a reverse osmosis system to clean and purify the water.