Water Health


  • Water Health is of critical importance when it comes to tap water.Water Health
  • Water is the most important substance that a person need for optimal health.
  • Without clean water your body can’t stay healthy.
  • Poor water quality and sanitation is the number one women killer today.
  • Yes, more women die as a result of poor water quality and sanitation that from cancer, AIDS or diabetes.
  • If you must decide on the quality of our tap water after you have looked to our photos then you would agree that our water is not as we think it is.
  • Take action and do something about the tap water that you drink.

What does Water Health mean?

  • Pollution is the biggest killer to humans.
  • The facts are unknown to the public. if you know what is in the tap water that you drink everyday.
  • If you know the health implications of every chemical that is present in the water you would never drink tap water again. 



Bacteria, Cryptosporidium, viruses and parasites

What is your conclusion of the tummy bug?

Do the chlorine kill all parasites?

What is the most prominent organism in the water dispenser?

Flat Tap Water

Tap Water Sample with Chlorine smell

Tap water safe to drink?

Do people need minerals removed from the water for health?


Health advice


Why is my Water Health important?

  • Water is health for we are more water in the body than any other product.
  • If you drink water that is polluted then your body is polluted.
  • We are not in the water industry.
  • We are in the health industry.
  • If we have serviced your reverse osmosis system once you will know that you had specialists working on your system.
  • To do a reverse osmosis service takes us about an hour to two hours.
  • We do not just replace the filters and off we go.
  • No, if you let our vehicle serviced you want everything to be checked and rectify.
  • If it is not, you can have an accident and die.
  • The same with the reverse osmosis system it just takes so much longer to die.
  • The problem you don’t even know that it was the water that killed you.
  • If the service providers that service your reverse osmosis system use the wrong products then they play with your health.
  • I am sure about it that your reverse osmosis system will have worms in the membrane after the three big filters that they replace every year.
  • If you have faith in them let me test your system in your presence.
  • If your system is clean and no worms or living organisms, then I will give you a set of filters for the next service.
  • That is a deal.
  • Take it.
  • To take this offer up, take action.

Don’t play with your health!

  • The tap water that you drink is not that safe.
  • There is all types of chemicals present in that water.
  • Yes, you would say that the water looks clean.
  • The danger is in the things that you can not see with the naked eye.

Water Health problem.


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