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Tap water SA

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  • It depends what you want to know about the tap water of South Africa.
  • Is there anything in the tap water that can kill you within a week to a few months?
  • Yes there could be, but do you think the government will make it known?
  • There is Roundworms in the tap water for sure.
  • Roundworms are parasites and break down your immune system.
  • You would not die from Roundworms but from something else.
  • Due to the fact that your immune system is too weak to fight the bacteria.
  • What can kill me within a week to a few months?
  • Some types of bacteria, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli,
  • Chemicals that’s not been tested for.
  • Pesticides that are in the tap water.
  • The bacteria that cause diarrhoea, dehydration, vomiting and cramps. (Bug in air, doctors)

 Is the tap water SA safe to drink?


  • Roundworms break your immune system down.
  • Amoebas that is present in the tap water.
  • See amoebas on the website.
  • Other types of parasites are present in the tap water. See all photos
  • Bacteria that cause diarrhea and vomiting.
  • This is a serious problem with the bacteria if the tap water has these small bacteria in.
  • Small children and old weak people are vulnerable for these bacteria.
  • Can kill the above if not treated.

What can I do to improve the tap water that I drink?


  • The best advice that I can give you is to get a reverse osmosis system that’s of a high quality.
  • The reverse osmosis system must at least have a three years warranty.
  • Our 5 stage reverse osmosis systems are the best quality on the market and the price is the same as the low quality systems.
  • The systems are installed by an accredited technician.
  • They use only reverse osmosis water filters that will prevent any bacteria and parasites as in photos to go through to the reverse osmosis membrane housing area.
  • Give us a call and we will advise you what to do.

Tap Water SA is Not What You Think it is. Contaminated With Live Organisms From Sewerage Treatment Plants. Poor Service Delivery Cause Water Health Risk.