Is there tap water bugs in our drinking water?

  • Yes there are a wide variety of different bugs in treated tap water.
  • The most common that we found is the roundworm.
  • Roundworms are in nearly every water sample that we took.
  • We took water samples when we service reverse osmosis systems.
  • Roundworm that is present in the tap water comes from the water that the council added from the sewerage treatment plants.
  • There is another bug that we found that cause diarrhea, cramps and dehydration.
  • This bug multiplies within a day to millions.
  • The presence of blood triggers them to multiply.
  • They can cause death in the old, weak and small children and babies.


 Where does the tap water bugs come from?

  • Contaminated water source.
  • Treated water that was not done according standards.
  • Sewerage treatment plants water supply added to water source.
  • From water storage tanks.


 What do this bugs in the tap water cause?

  • Roundworms settle in small intestine and migrate to lungs.
  • Break down your immune system over a period.
  • Multiply and reinfection the body.
  • Diarrhea causing bug multiply.
  • Infection in intestine walls.
  • Bleeding of intestine.
  • Dehydration and vomiting
  • If you have nasal problems and flush your nasal cavities.
  • Can move to your brain.
  • Starts to dissolve the brain tissues.
  • Treatment success rate very low.

Are they parasites or free living organisms?

  • There is hundreds of roundworm species.
  • Some is free living and others are parasites.
  • We have found that chlorine do not kill roundworms.
  • There living environment is the intestine.
  • The acids in your stomach will not kill them.

What preventative action can I take about bugs in the tap water?

  • The best you can do is to get a water purifying system.
  • The best is an GWTA approved product.
  • The GWTA is the Groundwater Treatment Association.
  • They test every domestic water treatment product.
  • The photos that you see on this website were taken after the three water filters that they replace every year.
  • The water filters is ineffective.
  • Only GWTA approved water filters will prevent the organisms to be in your purified water.
  • We will provide you with information and products.
SA Tap Water Bugs
SA Tap Water Bugs
SA Tap Water Bugs
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