Tap Water Organisms


tap water organisms

Large photo of Roundworm

  • Roundworms are the most common organism in tap water.
  • Some is harmful and others not.
  • Most of the roundworms in city tap water come from sewerage treatment plants where the city adds the sewerage treated water into the existing water supply.
  • Roundworm effect on the human body can be Googled to see what there devastating effect on the human can be.
  • E.Coli is also present in some cities tap water.
  • Borehole water is worse.
  • Rotifer, copper cod and protozoa is also common in tap water.
  • If we talk about tap water we talk about treated tap water.
  • Chlorine does not kill all types of organisms.


Are the tap water organisms dangerous to our health?

tap water organisms

Organisms in tap water

  • Yes, some is and others are not.
  • People will tell you that the acid in our stomach will kill the parasites.
  • What proof do they have?
  • Hearsay from some person who do not even know how to work with a microscope.
  • What is the parasites environment; acid reading and level look like?
  • Parasites live in the small intestine.
  • What is the acid content and reading in the small intestine?
  • Please think before you make a statement like the acid kill parasites in the stomach.


Will chlorine kill tap water organisms?

Organisms in tap water

Organisms in tap water
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  • Yes and no.
  • Yes some organisms dissolve if it comes into contact with chlorine.
  • The roundworm is not affected by the chlorine amount in tap water.
  • Our tap water has the chlorine smell and still the roundworms are alive and well in the tap water.
  • What I have notice is if I take a glass of tap water with live roundworms in. leaving it on the shelve for three days the roundworms is dead.

Can I see organisms in tap water with the eye?

  • No. they are microscopic small.
  • Roundworms are microscopic small but can grow to centimetres inside the human body.
  • The roundworm can be found mostly in the small intestine and longs.
  • Pin worms are also microscopic small but grow to only a few centimetres in the human.
  • The pinworms can be found in the anus region, big intestine.
  • I cannot say where else you will find parasitic worms in the body for I have no proof jet.
  • Tap Water Organisms is a Common Sight.
  • We Found in Treated Tap Water that is Supplied to Households.
  • Reverse Osmosis System is the Solution.


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