Tap Water Demonstration

Who do tap water demonstrations?

  • Marketers that promote reverse osmosis systems.
  • They use fraudulent methods to make you believe that the water is bad.

Do a tap water demonstration.Tap Water Demonstration

  • Yes we do Tap water demonstration but with the use of a microscope.
  • We test water and advice clients what is the best solution to their water related problem.
  • We do not use the precipitator as the majority of water systems suppliers do.
  • We use methods that every person can understand and know what is wrong and what to do.
  • The use of the precipitator is in our view fraudulent and the device can test for nothing in the water.
  • See our marketing section what we say about this fraudulent practices.
  • We take a water sample and look under the microscope to see what is present in the tap water.
  • The moment you see what is really in the tap water you will look to tap water a different way.
  • The marketing practices of the other water system suppliers is not ethical in our eyes.

What is the cost of a tap water demonstration?

What is the cost of a water test?

  • It cost nothing, it is to establish if there is a need for any type of water purification system or not.
  • We will then give you a quotation what the specific water system will cost.
  • There are some water pressure tests that must be done.
  • The location of the systems position is important.


The tap water demonstration.

  • If you have any water related question or problem, that you experience with.
  • Please would you be so kind and email us with the question.
  • We will not contact or market anything to you.
  • If you want our help or product we feel you would have the confidence to call or contact us.
  • It is important that we get input from our clients and the public.
  • Every person that is involved even with a question play a very important role in the success of the website.