Tap Water Crisis South Africa

Tap Water Crisis South Africa is it bad?

The tap water crisis South Africa.Tap Water Crisis South Africa

  • Disintegration of water supply equipment due to no maintenance programs.
  • Corruption with tender for work allocated that need specialized people.
  • Responsibility none existence.
  • None service delivery as been seen due to poor service delivery protests on a daily basis.
  • No service schedules in service delivery exist in any government sector.
  • If councils do not pay there contractors.
  • What would they do about any tests or treatment of tap water?
  • Do they have a constant supply of treatment chemicals and equipment at hand?
  • Why are there roundworms in the tap water?

Tap Water Crisis South Africa is a health crisis:

tap water crisis South Africa

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  • Neglect the treatment of tap water.
  • Neglect the testing of tap water.
  • Testing equipment of water at some towns none exists.
  • Experience technicians are not present due to affirmative action.
  • Health degeneration from parasites in tap water.
  • See photos of roundworms and parasites in the photo section.
  • Live roundworms in nearly every tap water sample that we take.
  • Immune systems breakdown due to roundworm infestation.
  • Contamination of the tap water of different towns and suburbs.
  • The recycling of treated sewerage water that is contaminated with live organisms.

Parasites is part of the Tap Water Crisis South Africa:

  • Roundworms presence in tap water is resistant to chlorine.
  • When smelling chlorine in tap water, roundworms is still alive in that tap water.
  • Why are these living organisms in the treated tap water?
  • We have found in some tap water samples bacteria that cause diarrhea that can kill you if not treated.
  • Young and old is sensitive to the presence of these bacteria.
  • When you swallow the tap water with the live roundworm in it will stay in your small intestine and start there destruction process.
  • Ideal environment for roundworms is the small intestine.

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tap water crisis South Africa

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