South Africa Tap Water

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What is the quality of South Africa Tap Water?
South Africa Tap Water

  • Tap water contaminated with live roundworms.
  • Rotifer is present in tap water.
  • Turellarian animals in some suburbs tap water samples.
  • Amoebas were found in some suburbs tap water samples.
  • Protozoa’s is present in some suburbs tap water sample.
  • Copepods are also present in some suburbs tap water sample.

Is South Africa tap water safe?

  • If don’t mind swallowing roundworms.
  • Chemicals can be a problem.
  • Bacteria are in some areas a problem.
  • Pesticides is not been tested for.
  • Raw sewerage that flows in our tap water source.
  • No, we feel that there long term health complication can be a problem.

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Is there pesticides in our drinking water?

What chemicals is in South Africa tap water?

  • There are thousands of pesticides on the market.
  • They can’t test for every pesticide.
  • Thousands of chemicals that have been dumped into our tap water source.
  • Testing of chemicals and pesticides is expensive and time consuming. They will never even test a tenth of the products.

    South Africa tap water

    South Africa Tap Water information

  • The long term health implications are difficult to identify.
  • How will you proof that the disease is from the tap water.
  • There is no proof or reference to state your case


Where do these Parasites come from?
  • Our tap water is been treated by Rand water and they do an excellent job
  • Then there is another water source that’s been added to our tap water.
  • That is treated sewerage water from the different plants.
  • This is the major problem.
  • Rand water is delivering clean pure water.
  • Government contaminated the tap water with their sewerage treated water.
  • If we look to all the poor service delivery protests that’s been taken place every day.
  • Then we must ask ourselves what is the service quality of the sewerage treatment plant employees?
  • If we look to the photos on this website then it is another story.
  • The impression that we get is that the tap water is contaminated.
  • With organisms and parasites from the sewerage treatment plants.