SA Tap Water Unsafe

SA tap water unsafe

SA tap water unsafe

SA tap water unsafe or not.

Is SA tap water unsafe?

If you look to the photos and see all the parasites that is alive in the tap

SA tap water unsafe proof:

  • Live roundworms in the tap water that’s been treated with chlorine.
  • Live bacteria in tap water that is not been killed by the water treatment processes.
  • Live Rotifers in tap water that play like there is no tomorrow.
  • Live organisms in tap water just to mentioned a few.
  • Two samples with live water fleas as you can see on the suburb photos.
  • Chlorine smell in water and the roundworms is still alive.
  • Sludge from sewerage plants in tap water samples.
  • That is the stuff that looks like dust.

Why is SA tap water unsafe?SA Tap Water Unsafe

  • You will find proof of the statements that we make in the Photo section.
  • Photos of suburbs tap water samples was photograph with the help of my microscope.
  •, high resolution photos of most of the stuff that’s on this website.
  • YouTube, videos of few tap water samples, we will load some more at a later stage.
  • On the site proof when tap water sample is been taken.
  • Borehole photos on website are no joking matter.
  • The borehole water is worse than the people think it is.
  • Fact: The borehole water is contaminated from medium to the worst you can get.
  • What about, “Radioactive”, Parasites, or chemicals in the borehole water.

SA tap water tests been conducted:

  • Would the government inform the public about health hazards when it occur in our tap water?
  • Do you really believe they will inform us?
  • No they will keep quiet or pretend them never:  “We wasn’t informed”, “We will investigate”.
  • What chemicals do the government test for in tap water?
  • What parasites do the government test for and if they do? This is a challenge not a problem.
  • Where did they take the samples, at the top of the water source or at the bottom?
  • Do the government test for roundworms and parasites? No
  • What pesticides do the government test for? We will set up a committee to look into this.
  • Why is this live parasite (roundworms) still in the tap water?
  • What water purifying system must I get to get rid of this stuff?
  • The 5 stage reverse osmosis system that’s been approved by ID-WATSS.
  • You are well come to contact us.

SA tap water unsafe

SA tap water unsafe