SA Tap Water Quality


SA Tap Water Quality

What is SA Tap Water Quality look like?

  • Water Research Commission (WRC) & South African local Government Association (SALGA) conduct survey between March and May 2011.
  • Perceptions of people about their tap water quality.
  • 81 percent think the tap water is safe to consume.
  • Have found where people use tap water assumes the tap water is safe.
  • Is the assumption correct if you look to the photos on the site?
  • Where did the people hear or get there information regarding tap water quality.
  • SA water institutions are considered to provide some of the highest quality tap water in the world.

Our perspective of SA tap water quality.

  • Is the tap water quality information supplied by the government correct?
  • It raises questions if we look to the media where water deliveries require violent protests just to get water.
  • Excuses of ministers of all sorts why water can’t be delivered.
  • Tap water supply pumps (three 3) that is not working to deliver water to suburbs.
  • They don’t even maintain the infrastructure of the tap water plants.
  • Do they treat the tap water before it is supplied to the people?
  • Do they test the tap water quality at all?
  • Why is these live roundworms then still in the tap water samples.
  • In two samples we have found live water fleas.
  • Do you tell me they have treated the tap water supply if these organisms are still in the tap water?

What can I do about my SA tap water quality?

  • Get your own reverse osmosis system.
  • You then have your own reverse osmosis water any time you need water.
  • Water that is free from parasites and bacteria.
  • No chemicals that is present in treated SA tap water.
  • No by products of sewerage treatment plants in your tap water.

SA tap water  is contaminated.

Tap water quality?