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  • Look to the Photo Index on this website and see all the photos of the tap water parasites that we have found in the water.
  • Decide for yourself if you want to keep drinking this type of water.
  • With the service delivery protests that is a clear indication that the services rendered by government is declining.
  • What do you think about the images of the tap water samples?
  • The photos are taken from council tap water that you and your family consume every day.
  • The suburbs name is mentioned for it is important to know what is in what suburbs water.
  • Every water sample that we take has live roundworms in.
  • Different living organisms are in different suburbs.
  • Suburb to suburbs tap water differs in the type of live organisms that is present.
  • Every reservoir has its own types of parasites.
  • Roundworms are in every suburbs tap water present.


Where do the Roundworms come from, that is in the Pretoria Tap Water?

Pretoria Tap Water

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  • Roundworms come from human and animal faeces.
  • These faeces are the flushed down the toilet and flow to the sewerage treatment plant.
  • The sewerage treatment plant treats and cleans the raw sewerage.
  • When the sewerage went through all the processes the water is then ready for the next face.
  • The treated sewerage is not pumped into any rivers for it could pollute the environment.
  • The government pump it into our clean pure water that was supplied by Rand Water.
  • This government treated water contaminated the clean water with these parasites from the sewerage plant water.
  • The brown dust in the photo is sludge from the sewerage treatment plant.
  • That provides food for the Roundworms and live organisms to live in the water.

I took 14 litres of tap water and found the following in the water samples.

  • 8 live roundworms.
  • One dead round worm.
  • 5 different live organisms.
  • Parasites Eggs.
  • That is what you will swallow if you consume 14 litres of tap water.

This is from the Wonderboom South suburb.


Pretoria Tap Water

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Do you drink tap water?

  • No I only consume reverse osmosis water.
  • Even if you pay me, I will still not drink the tap water.
  • Call me to proof it to you that there are live organisms in the tap water.
  • When you see it you will believe that the tap water is contaminated with live organisms.

We take water samples from reverse osmosis systems.

  • The best place to look for live organisms in the tap water is to take a water sample from the water filters in the reverse osmosis system.
  • That is the place where they will stay if the water filters is of a high quality.
  • If the water filters is of a low quality, then the live organisms will be in nearly every section of the reverse osmosis system.
  • The reverse osmosis system is a very good system if it is a high quality system.
  • The system is installed correct.
  • The water filters is of a high quality.
  • Then the live organisms will stay before the filters and not move through the filter.