My RO System


My RO System

My RO System

  • Some people who have RO systems look to you from heaven if you ask them if they have a water system.
  • That is good if you have a RO System.
  • That is the best system to purify your water.
  • There are some people, who would differ, it is there right!
  • If you have a problem with the fact, that the system removes all the minerals from the water.
  • We have a solution to the problem no not the mineral replacement filter that some dealers and service providers supply.
  • That is RUBBISH!
    The next thing is water wastage from the reverse osmosis system.
  • If one part fails to function correctly then the system can waste thousands of rands of water a year down the drain.
  • This is our speciality.
  • We hate water wastage.

What is the water wastage from my RO system?

  • Let us see what the influence is if one part of the system fails to function correctly.
  • Most of the time, it is a result of poor workmanship.
  • People who do not know about the correct functioning of the system.
  • Wrong installation practises.
  • Client RO system waste water runs at a ratio of 450 ml/ minute.
  • The council ask R15.40 for a 1000 litres.
  • Let’s work it out what the wastage would be over a year and how much it would cost. 450ml/ minute. 450ml times 60 to get an hour is 27 litre/ hour. 27 litre times 24 for a day, is 648 litres per day. 648 litres times 365 to get a year’s water wastage, is 236, 520 litres per year.
  • That is the amount of water that runs down the drain because of a part that is malfunctioned.

Do you have any Important point to mention about the RO system?

My RO System

My RO System

  • When they install the system.
  • The waste pipeline is located after the basins waste pipes drain trap.
  • You will never hear if the water runs all the time if the RO systems waste pipe is installed in this position.
    236, 520 litres times R15.40 is R3 642.40.
  • That is what the client paid for water that flow down the drain.
  • He didn’t know about it.
  • This case was in progress for two years.
  • What he paid for the two years of waste water was R7, 284.81.

The next case about water wastage from reverse osmosis systems:

  • Waste water 275ml/minute.
  • That is 144 540 litre per year.
  • Cost for waste water due to malfunctioning part due to poor workmanship and wrong installation. R2 217.60 for that year. Hard earned money wasted.

What about Parasites my reverse osmosis system?

  • My RO System is the 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System and is a High Quality System With a Three Years Warranty.
  • No Excessive Wastage of Waste Water.
  • In these cases the reservoir was invested with parasites.
  • I must inform you about this.
  • The reverse osmosis system is the best but in the hands of a person who knows nothing about the system it is a weapon.


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My RO System