Tap Water Crisis

Tap Water Crisis in the world.

The tap water crisis.

tap water crisis

tap water crisis information

  • Out dated water treatment systems.
  • No water specialists in towns to monitor the water quality.
  • Corruption and neglect of water treatment facilities.
  • No responsibility on the side of the town council officers.
  • Broken water treatment equipment that is not been replaced or repaired.
  • Water pumps that’s been stolen.
  • Blame shifting of senior officials and minister of water affairs.
  • Incompetent council officials that have no interest in the welfare of the communities, but their own pockets.
  • Incompetent water treatment personal at water treatment plants.
  • water treatment material and chemicals that is out of stock.
  • wait till they use the last bag, then they decide to order the next batch of stock.
  • Planning is a problem with some departments, to have products in stock at all times.

What can be done to rectify the drinking tap water crisis in SA:Tap Water Crisis

  • First get reverse osmosis water.
  • Stop affirmative action.
  • Get competent people to do the work.
  • Stop thinking black and look to brown and white as well.
  • Stop the corruption and do something positive.
  • Get the stolen money from corrupt parties.
  • Use the money for what it is allocated and not for holidays and new vehicles.
  • Vote for the party that care about people. Not the A team.

Is the tap water crisis affecting my health?

  • What do you think?
  • The live roundworms just want a place to stay.
  • While staying they will break down your immune system.
  • Immune system down you starts getting ill from anything.
  • Wait a bit longer for the next stage.
  • Death by roundworms.
  • Shame poor thirsty soul.

What is the action I can take with the tap water crisis?

  • Purify your tap water now.
  • With what can I purify my tap water?
  • With an approved ID-WATSS reverse osmosis system.
  • All you have to do is log in or call.
  • You can email the email information is on the website.
  • Our email is: info@tapwatersa.co.za .

Is drinking water in SA safe? 

tap water crisis

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  •  If you look to the photos then you can decide for yourself.
  • If you have diarrhea, you can know it is from the tap water.