Activated Carbon Water Filter Features

activated carbon water filter features

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 Market statements:

  • Filtration potential of the activated carbon filters is claimed to be 5 um.
  • Excellent filtration of contaminated water and certain VOC’s, chlorine, chemicals and odors.
  • Excellent sludge holding capacity is effective with high quality products in relation to low quality products..
  • Can work with low water pressure and is functioning the best under this conditions.
  • Can work with high water pressure.
  • Holds any solids if the activated carbon material is of a high quality.
  • A wide range of domestic reverse osmosis activated carbon water filters is available.
  • No carbon ash is released if it was flushed before been used.

Our conclusion about the activated carbon water filters features:

activated carbon water filter features

activated carbon water filter features advice

  • The import activated carbon filters is low quality water filters.
  • Is not effective as they state.
  • The activated carbon water filters is made from coal.
  • The absorption capacity is not that good.
  • The activated carbon material is too solid.
  • There is no manufactures information on the water filter housings.
  • No name means the manufacturers do not associate themselves with the product.
  • This imported activated carbon water filters are only for the money that they can make and not about the effectiveness of the product.
  • In my view the imported activated carbon water filters is a rip off.
  • There is a local activated carbon water filter that is of better quality.

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High quality versus low quality activated carbon filters:

  • There is a big difference between the different qualities of activated carbon.
  • By using high quality activated carbon material is to the advantage of the purifying process.
  • We have found that high quality activated carbon filters have a better filtration capacity and the sediment filters that is been place after the carbon filters appear clean.
  • The imported activated carbon water filters is of low quality.
  • It is ineffective and do not purify the water properly.
  • The imported activated carbon water filters is been made of goal from the ground.
  • It is solid and water can’t flow through the carbon.
  • We have found that the filters cleaning and filtration properties is not what is promoted.
  • We do not use this imported activated carbon filters.


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