DIY (do it yourself)


The DIY Contact Information.

This page is for the DIY persons who think they can do everything. Don’t be offended by this remark. Sometimes you save money by do it yourself.
This is a serious topic. When it comes to the domestic reverse osmosis system and water purifying. I can without a doubt say that even the businesses who is years in the industry. They are not up to date with the functioning and relevant information regarding the workings of the domestic reverse osmosis systems.
We at Tap water SA, do not sell or supply any part or give information to the client. The reason is that there are so many things that can have an effect, on the optimal function of the system. We know what to look for to identify any problem. We have the equipment and procedure to do all the relevant tests. If you have a problem with the reverse osmosis system. Let the professional people attend to the problem. On the long run it would cost you must less. You will have peace of mind and a healthy body.
The system looks not complicated. It can cost you a lot of money every year without you knowing that you pay. Let me rather say throw money away.
Take us to the test. We will proof it to you.

Example of DIY (do it yourself):

I want to ask you some questions.
1: That is the water pressure of the house?
2: What is the best functional pressure that the water system works at?
3: What is the function of every part of the system?
4: What is the best pressure for every part to function optimal?
5: Are you 100% sure that you did the installation correct?
6: What is the pressure of the reservoir?
7: What are the filters for?
8: What is every filters standard?
9: How does the reservoir work?
10: How does the 4 way valve work?
Don’t feel lost because most of the service providers and the suppliers will not be able to answer the entire question correct. Most of them will have more wrong than you.If you cannot answer all of them. Please stay away from the reverse osmosis system. Contact us.