Cheap Water Filters

The cheap water filters.

What is a cheap water filter?

  • Most of the water filters that you buy from the shops that do not specialize in purifying water sell the cheap water filters.
  • What I mean with cheap water filter.
  • It is really cheap and with cheap is low grade products.
  • I have tested the water filters that you get in the shops.
  • 90% of them were just a filter in name.
  • Some of them do not even have a manufactures name or contact information.

Why cheap water filters?

  • Let’s ask a few questions and answer it ourselves.
  • Why isn’t the manufacturer’s information missing?
  • From what country do this cheap filter came from?
  • What is that countries quality reputation?
  • If there is a problem of flaw in the product, to whom will I address the problem?
  • To the shop?
  • They will just exchange the item?  
  • Why the manufacturer does withhold their information?
  • Don’t they want to be associated with the product?
  • If I manufacture a product I would make my companies name available.

Cheap water filters report.

  • Cheap water filters, spells only one thing.
  • Poor water quality.
  • The filter seems good and the sales person would inform you that they are the best.
  • The problem is that honest people believe other people.
  • They assume that the other people are just as honest as they are.    

Cheap water filter and your health worth?

  • What protection would you have if the water filters that you bought is not effective?
  • Sediment water filters just 60% effective and that is from a manufacturer from the USA.
  • Activated carbon filters only 30% effective because of the type of material that’s been used.
  • Photos on website are result of cheap unrated water filters.
  • Roundworms in reverse osmosis membrane housing after three (3) big water filters.
  • Do you think that if we can show you that there are roundworms and other organisms in the membrane housing?
  • Are the cheap water filters that you buy effective?
  • Think again next time you buy that cheap no name brand rubbish.
  • Any person can put a label on a product.
  • But is that product effective and of a high quality.
  • Cheap water filters is a health risk that you take the moment you buy that cheap water filters from the local hardware store.

Is high quality water filters expensive?

  • No it is not that more costly.
  • The price you pay for high quality water filters is worth every cent.


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