Water softener system.

What's the best water softener system?
I have tested all types of water softener systems over the last eight years.
There is a different type that is on the market and the suppliers swear by their products.
I give you the best advice that I can give.
Please do not feel pressured to make use of my service or to buy from me.
You are free to make use of any person or business that market water softener systems.

The best water softener system.

The one water softener system that stands above the rest is the one below.
I call it the 1354 Water softener system.
It consists of a 1354 vessel that is the best size for a household.
It consists of caution resin that comes in 25 lt bags and you need 3 bags.
You need the automatic softener head.
You need a riser tube, top and bottom strainers.
You need a brim tank for the salt that the system uses.
This system removes the calcium and magnesium from the water source.
The system waste water must be discharged in the waste pipe.
It would have a very high sodium level.
The backwash of the system is automatically and happens at 02:00 at night every third night.
The frequency of the backwash program can be set at the times you want it to backwash.
This is the best; I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Natural water softener system.

This system is installed inline.
There is no maintenance involved.
They claimed that it work on magnetic energy.
This system does not remove the calcium and magnesium from the water source.
The system change the molecule structure but over time the water change back to its original state.
The suppliers and marketers of this system make use of client references.
They can provide you with no laboratory tests that were conducted.
No client would like to state that they were fooled.
They will tell you that the system work.
On what grounds can they state that?
Any natural water softener system is fake and a waste of money.
Don’t waste your money.
I have tested it and my clients that have these systems all complain about calcium and magnesium.