Borehole water brown stains

The Borehole water brown stains.

What cause the Borehole water brown stains?

The first that people would inform you is that it is the Iron in the borehole water. Sometimes they will include the word Manganese.  That is a fact and everyone agrees.

The real cause of the Borehole water brown stains.

They are wrong! Yes! That is not the real cause of the brown stains. The real cause of the brown stains caused by borehole water is the result of bacteria in the water.  The Bacteria is called “Gallionella ferruginea”. These bacteria thrive on the Iron and Manganese is the water. When you see a high iron or manganese reading you see brown.

Brown stains from water.

Some time ago a client contacts me and complained that the stuff that’s been washed have brown stains on. She presents me with the latest water analysis of the borehole water. The Iron reading was 1.4 and the manganese was 1.2. You would say that it could not be the iron or manganese in the water. That was my response as well. While looking to the report I asked the woman if the water is been stored in to water tanks. Her reply was that they have three ten thousand litres JOJO tanks where the water is been stored. Then the thought come to mind that the Iron and Manganese readings are very low.  The other thing that is also present in the water is the Bacteria called “Gallionella ferruginea”. The bacteria multiply when there is enough oxygen present. The bacteria multiply and feed on the iron and manganese. That is the cause of the brown stains on the stuff that’s been washed. Plenty of Oxygen and a very small amount of Iron and Manganese in a container for a few days is all that is needed to have a big brown stain problem.

How to treat the cause of brown stains in water.


You must have these “Gallionella ferruginea” bacteria in mind. Act on the bacteria to get rid of it. Chlorine is the first option, second is the UV light system and third is ozone treatment. I’m not a big fan of ozone because there is no scientific proof that ozone is this wonderful product. I would not use it.



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