Use Borehole water for household.


Can we use Borehole water for our household?  

  • Yes you can use Borehole water for your household.
  • There is some very important information you need to know about your borehole water.
  • These issues could have a long lasting effect on your health.
  • We take the use of borehole water in suburbs very serious.
  • If you are on a farm or smallholding where you are depended on borehole water.

Borehole water testing.

  • Get a water sample from the borehole and take it to a water testing laboratory.
  • The water sample must be taken before it enter the water tank.
  • Please make sure to use a acredit laberatory to do the water test.
  • Do not ta your water sample to any water shop.
  • They do not be able to test the water.
  • You can ask for the complete water test that would cost in the range of about R 3 000.00.
  • There is another series of tests that would cost in the range of about R 1 500.00.
  • This test would give you a clear indication what is present in the water.

Borehole water test results.

  • When you have the water test results.
  • We can from the results see and decide what action must be taken.
  • If you want to analyzed the water test results.
  • Visit the this page.
  • When we have the results we can establish from the results what action must be taken.
  • That is water systems or even the type of filters that must be used.
  • We do not thumb sucking.
  • We only work on facts.

Borehole water dangers.

  • Borehole water could hold dangers in.
  • People always tell me that their borehole water looks cleaner than the municipality water.
  • They say that it even taste better.
  • Yes, it could be true.
  • The problem is that you can’t see with the naked eye what is present in the borehole water.
  • Even if the lab reports show that the water is suitable for human consumption.
  • The lab will and can never give you any assurance that the water would stay that way.
  • Borehole can be fine now, tomorrow it could be contaminated with E.coli or a hazardous substance.

Borehole water advice.

  • Let we assist and help you get the best solution for your borehole water use.
  • People inform us that they want to use the borehole water instead of the municipality water.
  • That is fine but be aware!
  • Remember that the water belongs to the state.
  • If you start to only use borehole water the municipality would notice that you don’t use water.
  • The next moment you will receive a visit from an inspector to see why you don’t use any water.
  • You will inform them that you use borehole water instead.
  • They will then install a water meter to your borehole water supply line.
  • They will now charge you for the borehole water that you use.
  • Not a very bright idea.
  • There is a way to get past this.
  • Talk to us about this issue.
  • You must remember that you use the toilet, bath and other devices that dispose water into the drain.
  • That water that flow down the drain must be cleaned.
  • Somebody must pay for that.


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