There is amoebas in South African drinking water.

Amoebas in South African tap water?

Yes there is amoeba in South African drinking water.
We talking here about treated municipality water.
The drinking water that the municipality supply households with.

Where did you find the amoebas?

We have found the amoebas in South African drinking water at a place you don’t want to hear.
We sponsored a creche with a water purifying system.
When we serviced the system.
We took a water sample from the filter housings.
When I inspected the water sample under the microscope I found a few of them.
It is in the Moot area.
The Moot is situated in Pretoria.

Is there amoebas in our drinking water?

You don’t know who is in charge of the water department and the sewerage treatment plant.
You believe that the town’s water is of a high standard. It is widely known that the town have a “Blue drop status”.
That status is not worth toilet paper.
Ask your ward counselor for a copy of the blue drop status report.
You will not believe your eyes.


Why are the amoebas in the water?

We talking about treated tap water from the municipality.
If amoebas is alive in the tap water.
It is only one thing.
The water is not been treated.
The chlorine is supposed to kill and destroy the amoebas.
You must remember that the water works only test for curtain elements.
Did your municipality even warn the public about any danger that is present in the water?
No! Never.
What the eyes don’t see and the ear don’t hear would cause no harm.
The less you know the better.

Do the government know about the stuff in the drinking water?

I took some photos to the water department of Pretoria.
The person treated me like a piece of rubbish.
He informed me that I got the photos from the internet.
No, it is photos that I took from my microscope.
Thousands of them.
I did not found one suburb in Pretoria that did not have any live organisms and roundworms in.
The live organisms and roundworms come from the sewage treatment plants.
They add the treated sewage water to our drinking water.
Think of all the chemicals and harmful stuff that is in the sewerage water.
That stuff is in the tap water.


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