• We discuss the scaring reality about the effects that the “Tap Water Source” can have on the health of humans.
  • The chemicals, parasites, hormones and much more are trapped in the processes and the only way to get rid of this harmful situation is to absorption of it.
  • When you drink tap water you actually drink other people’s chemicals like medicines, hormones, diseases and other chemicals that were flushed down the toilet and drain.
  • This is something people do not want to hear about.

What is the status of our Tap Water Source ?

  • What happened with the tap water that we all use who stays in cities like Pretoria and Johannesburg.
  • Our tap water is supplied by government who sell it to the residents that stay in that area or region.
  • The government must provide clean water that is suitable for human consumption.
  • That is a constitutional right of the people of South Africa.

Bulk tap water supply is of high quality.

  • Bulk water is supplied to the government by some water treatment businesses.
  • One of them is “Rand Water”.
  • This business does an excellent job and all the credit must go to them.
  • They deliver clean water of high quality to the government.
  • The government then distribute the bulk water to the different suburbs reservoirs.

Supply of tap water to suburbs and homes by the municipality:

  • The tap water is supplied to the residents of the different suburbs.
  • You pay the city council for the water and electricity that they provide you with.
  • Yes that comes with a cost.
  • There are some other costs involved as well.
  • Like the return water, the water that flows back to the city council to their different sewerage water treatment plants.
  • You pay for the treatment of that water.

Sewerage treated water in our drinking water.

  • The sewerage water that was treated by the city council is then been recycled.
  • They do not pump the water into the rivers.
  • In their view the water is clean and ready for human consumption.
  • Yes not the rivers but the humans.
  • They then pump that treated water back into the tap water that was clean.
  • I say the tap water that was clean.
  • Why?
  • Because the treated water looks clean but!
  • The questions must be asked.

Is the treated water really clean?

  • We say No!  No!  No!
  • The reason is.
  • Who is responsible for the water treatment plant?
  • What is the processes been followed?
  • Is the correct material and chemicals been used?
  • Is the material and chemicals always in stock?
  • Please do not come and say that it is.
  • Why are there every week protests about poor service delivery?
  • Water is one of the issues that the people protest about.

What is the true status of our tap water quality?

  • The government created the so called “Blue Drop Status”.
  • That was done to create the believe that the water is of high quality.
  • The problem is intelligent and naive people believe this.
  • That was a really smart move on the side of government.
  • If the tap water is that clean.
  • Why are this Roundworms and live organisms in our tap water?
  • Roundworms and live organisms that is supposed to be in the sewerage treatment plant.

Our tap water.

  • This is what happened.
  • The clean water is supplied by businesses.
  • We use that water and some flow back through the drain.
  • Government treated the sewerage and pump it back into our tap water source.
  • We consume this tap water that is contaminated with treated sewerage water and that flow back through the drain to be treated.
  • They pump it back in our tap water source.
  • That is the flow of the tap water that we consume every day.


  • What about the stuff in the drinking water?
  • The Roundworms and live organisms that is present in our tap water?
  • That is a sign that if these microscopic organisms can go through the treatment process and still be alive then the process is not effective.


  • Secondly:
  • What about the hormones, chemicals, medicines and many other substances that is present in the sewerage water.
  • Is there any type of poison or dangerous chemicals that somebody spill into the drain?
  • The chemicals is been circulated through the tap water process.
  • Is this the reason that cancer is at its highest and all the different diseases that we do not hear off.

What is the quality of the drinking water?

  • It is time to start thinking for yourself and take your health back.
  • To think that the government will look and care for you is suicide.
  • Get clean purified water.
  • Water is the most important product that our bodies need for optimal health.
  • Act now and get the reverse osmosis system for optimal protection.
  • If you are serious about your health then do the right thing.
  • Don’t postpone this very important issue.
  • If you don’t act now.
  • You could pay with your health later.

 Contamination of our tap water.

  • Close Tap Water Source:
  • Tap water that’s been recycle over and over again with the build-up of chemicals and toxicity.
  • Contamination of chemicals, hormones etc.
  • To be honest what do you think would the effect be with this build-up of chemicals and toxicity in the close water circle be on our bodies and our health?

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