You have a farm and heard about the reverse osmosis system.

Want reverse osmosis system for farm.

Sales people make it sounds so wonderful that you only need a reverse osmosis system and all your water related problems is been solved.
This is not the case.
The first and most important thing you must do is to get the water tested at a laboratory.
When you have that test result you can then email it to and we will send you a report on what needs to be done.

Farming Water treatment systems.

Water treatment systems all depends on the quality of the water.
This is why the water results are that important.
If the calcium and Magnesium level indicate that the water is hard then a water softener system would be needed to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water source.

Removing iron from irrigation water.

The removal of iron must go through a process.
The iron that is dissolved in the water cause problems with irrigation.
This dissolved iron must first be oxidized and then removed from the water.
With a high iron presence in the water the ph. is also low that cause the water to be acidic.
Our focus is to get the ph. to above 8.
The removal of the iron from the irrigation water is a costly exercise.

Manganese in irrigation water.

The removal of manganese from irrigation water involves the same treatment as for the removal of iron from the water.
Manganese is a bid more difficult to remove but it can be successfully removed.
Please don’t think that the normal 20” big blue filter systems would be of any value.
You will just waste your money.

Lime treatment of irrigation water.

There is range of lime treatment products on the market that claim that it alter the chemical structure of the elements.
This product is gimmicks and has no proof that it works.
If they can’t provide you with any laboratory certified evidence then it is money making item.
I have tested and would never even think of promoting it to any person.
The only treatment that works for lime is to remove it and not alter it.

Water treatment system advice.

Please take this advice! Do not listen to anything a sales person tell you about water treatment.
Only take advice from a person that does the installations due to the fact that they work with the different water issues every day.
They are the people that solve the problems when it arises.
A salesperson has no clue about the real issues involving the water treatment.
They would use words that would you make believe that they know what they are talking about but all they do is to provide you information that the suppliers gave them.

The only people that know water treatment systems are those that do it every day and that are the bottom line.

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