RO Water Industry Marketing

RO Water Industry Marketing

Water industry Market information

  • Here we discuss what some businesses stated or use to sell their water purifying products.
  • We go from the standpoint, to established if any statement they make is been tested.
  • Is true or have any datasheet from the manufacture that’s been supplied by an independent laboratory.
  • We also must use our common sense to know that there must be some type of standards involved.

Statements that the RO Water Industry Marketing that people make.

  • Clients is been misled by sales people with information that have not proof or any logic explanation.
  • People are lazy and do not what to think or reason or argue to find some information for themselves.
  • What amaze me is people will make a statement to me about some product and inform me that the product is that good for my health.
  • When I respond with the truth they get aggressive.
  • Telling me that the salesperson at that business told them that and that they believed the person.
  • This people take it as the truth without investigating the facts for themselves.
  • The mineral replacement filters is a good example of misleading products that they claim have health benefits.
  • That is only sand or rock that’s been crushed and placed into a filter.
  • Wake up and think for a moment to see how they ripping you off.

Misleading statements.

  • In the water industry the misleading statements is legion.
  • If a salesperson makes a statement you can ask them for proof from an accredited laboratory.
  • They will maybe have marketing material but proof is non-existing.
  • Marketing material is no proof it was created to sell the product.
  • If anyone during the day make a statement ask yourself if you can believe the statement.
  • Question any statement that people make.
  • The problem is that the sales person believes the statement that the supplier made.
  • The sales person takes that information and believes it, that way he will be successful in the sales of that product.
  • Because somebody told him that and he did not investigate, if the statement is correct.

If you have any statement that you want to make.

  • Ask anything that you want to know about the water industry.
  • Every sales or marketing person do whatever they want to do.
  • Ethics do not exist when it comes at the marketing of the water treatment products.
  • Sales is the name of the game.


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