RO Waste Water

RO Waste Water Section Discusses Issues Surrounding the Water that the System Wastes and the Implications. Faulty System can Waste up to 131,400 Litres a Year.

Why the RO waste water section?

RO Waste Water

RO System Wastage information contact person

The RO waste water section is a very important issue that is never discussed. The marketing people who test your water with their fraudulent device have one thing in mind. That is to corn you in believing that the water that you see there is so bad. This bad marketing can be seen in the marketing section. Back to the reverse osmosis systems waste water issue.

What is the reverse osmosis waste water all about?

The reverse osmosis waste water is a big problem if it comes to money wasters. Yes you read correct. 60% of my new clients have this problem. There reverse osmosis systems throw away between R2 000.00 to R3 500.00 of water away down the drain and the best part is you don’t even know it. That is why we feel that this section is a must on the website.

Is there anything else that we must know?

Yes, if the system throws the water away as above then there is a 30% change that there are roundworms and parasites in your purified reverse osmosis water. Your reverse osmosis people will tell you that it is impossible. That is because they do not know there products. The change is that they sell low quality products. If you don’t believe it give us a call or email us. I will proof it to you. Please tell your friends. We will do a free check in the Pretoria area. It will cost you not a sent to let your reverse osmosis system checked.

Damage to the reverse osmosis systems 4 way valve:

The first part that is going to get damaged is the 4 way valve. This small device is responsible to let the water flow through the system when you have used a small amount of water. It also cut the water flow of when the water that you have taken is been replaced.

This small 4 way valve is the brain of the system. It is the weakest part in the system. The weakest part is the two membranes it has. It is made of thin rubber or polypropylene. The high inlet water push or puncture the membrane and that cause the water flow to continue to flow. The water will flow now through the waste pipeline. This will flow 24 hours a day without you even known it.

Let’s make some calculations:

Let’s say the waste water flow ratio is 250 ml per minute.

It will be 15 litres an hour.

The 360 litre a day.

A year it would be 131,400 litre.

Let’s say you pay R15.00 for a 1000 litre.

That is R1,965.00 that you paid for water that flow down the drain.

Do you think it is a joke? The service person has cost you a fortune. Why? Because the do not know their products and the way it works. They have no standards in place. All they are interested is to mislead people to buy the product and then take the money.


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