Reverse Osmosis System Noise

Reverse Osmosis System Noise – is been caused by the 4 way valve that vibrate due to the high inlet water pressure, can’t cut water supply off. Product damage is on its way. Thousands of waste water will start to flow down the drain in a few weeks’ time. Fact! Poor workmanship.

What is the Reverse Osmosis System Noise, it is disturbing?

Reverse Osmosis System Noise

Noise from reverse osmosis system

The noise that you hear comes from the 4 way valve. The two diaphragms in it is thin Polyurethane and with the water passing through tend it to make the noise. The vibration it causes will worsen the noise if the tubes are lying on or against a service that would make the noise louder. The 4 way valve must cut the water flow off and when the water pressure is too high it has some difficulty to cut the water flow off. Sometimes just before the water flow is been gut off it makes the noise. The noise will disappear after a while. The noise has no danger to the system. I prefer the noise because the client can hear when the system is busy purifying water. If this noise is been heard during the night when nobody have used water. The next morning first thing phones us to come out and take a look for waste water that runs 24/7/365. If you have a problem please feel free to email us.


Damage that is going to happened to the reverse osmosis systems part:

The first part that is going to get damaged is the 4 way valve. This small device is responsible to let the water flow through the system when you have used a small amount of water. It also cut the water flow of when the water that you have taken is been replaced.

This small 4 way valve is the brain of the system. It is the weakest part in the system. The weakest part is the two membranes it has. It is made of thin rubber or polypropylene. The high inlet water push or puncture the membrane and that cause the water flow to continue to flow. The water will flow now through the waste pipeline. This will flow 24 hours a day without you even known it.

Let’s make some calculations:

Let’s say the waste water flow ratio is 250 ml per minute.

It will be 15 litres an hour.

The 360 litre a day.

A year it would be 131,400 litre.

Let’s say you pay R15.00 for a 1000 litre.

That is R1,965.00 that you paid for water that flow down the drain.

Do you think it is a joke? The service person has cost you a fortune. Why? Because the do not know their products and the way it works. They have no standards in place. All they are interested is to mislead people to buy the product and then take the money.



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